What is D.SHAPE ?

D.SHAPE is a body maintenance studio focusing on conditioning and personal training that aims to create a beautiful and healthy balanced body while healing daily fatigue.

Always be yourself.

As a dedicated therapist, we will always meet your physical condition and feelings seriously, and by combining conditioning (massage) and training, we will help you to take your own shape.
We also offer conditioning-only treatments, but we do not do the flow work like a quick massage shop.
We will prepare a relaxing private room, take care of the time to face each and every one of our guests without worrying about other people think, and will treat you carefully.
In order to regain the “Jibunrashiku” of each one, we aim to cherish counseling and face 100% customers.

D.SHAPE body maintenance features

D.SHAPE body maintenance consists of two sessions: conditioning and training.

In conditioning session, you can get both relaxation and performance benefits by not only relaxing the muscles but also performing massages that capture points that promote motor function and muscle fatigue recovery and muscle output. I can do it. You can feel the exhilaration and ease of movement by approaching not only the outer muscle like normal massage but also the inner muscle (deep muscle) firmly.

In the training session, in order to fix the expansion of the range of motion acquired by conditioning and the improvement of the physical sensation, using your own weight (your own weight) and foam roll balance tools, performance such as increase of muscle output and improvement of balance ability We will try to improve the We will constantly assess performance and help ensure proper training. The body integrated by training will not only feel exhilarating but also ease of movement.

Flow of use

Please make a reservation from the reservation form. (You may not be able to answer the phone during the treatment, so please use email or TEXT) We recommend advance reservation in advance.

I will guide you to the treatment room.
It is a private space, so you can relax and relax.

❸ Counseling
We will sign your personal sheet and treatment consent form and ask about your physical condition, concerns, and requests for treatment details.

❹Changing clothes
I recommend clothes that are easy to move. Because it is a private room, it is possible to change clothes in the room, so it would be nice if you could change your clothes.

We will do body maintenance in a custom-made manner according to the conditions and needs of the day.

❻ After counseling & changing clothes
Please check the condition of your body after treatment and change your clothes.

It will be an accounting.


D.SHAPE places more importance on relationships with customers than anything else. Therefore, “one who lacks sociality such as unable to save time (mostly late or canceled)” “one who is not interested in the care of his own body” “one who seeks a cheap massage shop” There is a case to withhold the use.