Method 1.  Know your own body
Know the habit of body, posture, and movement

The first step in body maintenance is to know your body first

The care method you should take depends on your current physical condition, constitution, age and gender. The therapist who has a thorough knowledge of the physical structure of the musculoskeletal system, muscles, how to walk, etc. is in charge. We check muscle tension, joint movement, skeletal distortion, blood circulation, posture, walking, lifestyle and occupational characteristics.

It is most important for you to understand the problems of your own body and to know how to effectively maintain your body.

Method 2.  Get in shape
It is important to pay attention to changes in body due to treatment

Treatment is a tip to change yourself

With a unique approach that combines multiple techniques such as superficial/deep tissue massage, stretching, and joint mobilization cultivated in the medical field, we will fundamentally improve.

We correct alignment that was distorted due to lifestyle habits and occupational characteristics.
It improves lymphatic and blood circulation, and promotes self-cleansing of r tissue.

We aim to obtain a healthy and functional body.

It is important to be aware of yourself in the future if you want to be the ideal body.

It is most important to have goals, be interested in one’s body, and strive to capture change.

Through counselling, we advise you on how to get the ideal body.
It is important for you to actively participate in self-care.

Method 3. Change the body
Change the body / posture / movement / life style

Working on your own is the key to changing your body

Functional training (exercise therapy, posture education, self-maintenance instruction) guides you to your functional body.
By massage and other treatments, the body can relieve pain and gain a new spread.
However, unless the body usage, movement, and daily habits change, it will return to its original state.

Introducing therapeutic training immediately afterwards ensures that the physical changes are well established.

We will tell you the self-maintenance method at the same time as the treatment.
Let’s work on the maintenance little by little toward your own ideal!